Nibe Software Update v 2.18.5

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Version: 2.18.5
Release date: 2023-03-28

• Added exercise on GP1
• SMO S40: Added exercise on circulation pump GP12
• RMU S40 is updated to V1.5. (Wired version only)
• S2125 is updated to v10752
• Added information in pulldown and operating infor about that night cooling is active
• Created zones added as own groups in the history of myUplink
• Updated freeze protection function, now the return temperature is also checked
• F2120/S2125: Improved calculations for BBR power value
• Update functionality for demand control ventilation
• Improved version of smart control hot water
• VVM S320/S325, SMO S40: Fixed a problem with operation in ”emergency mode” if the alarm came
from the outdoor unit
• Panel was displayed on myUplink even though smartprice adaptation was not preselected in the
• Fixed issue with ERS S40 boost mode in demand control ventilation
• Improved syncing of the outdoor temperature in RMU S40
• Fixed so BT37, external sensor is named with the selected name of the sensor in 3.1.14
• Fixed issue with one decimal missing for electricty price in Euro
• Fixed so internal shunted addition is possible to use together with SES
• Minor adjustments to the menu and menu texts

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