Nibe Software Update v 2.16.10

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Version: 2.16.10
Release date: 2022-12-27

• Electricity price graph in menu 4.2.5, improved display of graph and added ? with help text
• Added shared icon for pool1 and pool2 on energy log
• Added exercise of GP10 pump
• Information about electricity price is now displayed in the accessory RMU S40 if smart price adaptation is
• Updated with new version of RMU S40 v1.4
• F2120 is updated to v10678
• Refined energy log, it is now possible to export energy log in menu 8.5
• Added exercise on GP13 (PCS/PCM pump)
• Home screen energy log available for SMO S40
• SMO S40 together with ground source heat pump: Is it now possible to select ”Groundwater pump” on
AUX in menu 7.4

• Improved SRV10 control
• Minor adjustments to the menu and menu texts
• SMO S40: fixed an issue with smart energy source that allowed GM to stop at -100.
• Fixed an issue where communication could be lost to wireless device RPP
• Fixed an issue that multi installation for ground source heat couldn’t switch between delta and target
charge method in menu
• S11/1255: updated operating information in menu 3.1
• Fixed an issue that could incorrectly cause alarm 367 (immersion heater operation) if pool was turned off
• Fixed an issue that ventilations unit 4 wasn’t visible in RMU S40.
• Improved connection to myUplink
• SMO S40: Fixed an issue that could cause various communication alarms in SMO S40 against sensors,
outdoor units and MCB-L.

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